David G. Clark

David G. Clark


Graduate Student in Neurobiology & Behavior @ Columbia University


I am a neuroscience PhD candidate at Columbia University, primarily advised by Larry Abbott. I work in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience.

Some characteristic features of neural circuits are 1) there are a lot of neurons, 2) neurons are nonlinear, 3) neurons engage in complex recurrent dynamics, and 4) connections between neurons change on a variety of timescales. In addition to making neural circuits hard to understand, these features underlie computation and learning. A major challenge is to understand how this works. My research approaches this challenge using tools from statistical physics and machine learning.

My publications are listed below, or see Google Scholar.


  • PhD in Neurobiology & Behavior

    Columbia University, 2019–Present

  • B.A. in Physics, Computer Science

    UC Berkeley, 2017


(2024). Theory of coupled neuronal-synaptic dynamics. Physical Review X.

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(2024). Structure of activity in multiregion recurrent neural networks. arXiv.


(2023). Dimension of activity in random neural networks. Physical Review Letters.

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(2021). Olfactory landmarks and path integration converge to form a cognitive spatial map. Neuron.

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(2021). Credit assignment through broadcasting a global error vector. NeurIPS 2021.

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(2019). Unsupervised discovery of temporal structure in noisy data with dynamical components analysis. NeurIPS 2019.

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(2017). Neuromorphic Kalman filter implementation in IBM's TrueNorth. Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

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